I’m not Tanorexic, I swear – But I love having a golden complexion. Don’t get me wrong – pale skin is gorgeous but when I’m tan, I feel like my body looks more toned. With that said, I hate the harmful effects of the sun. I’ve been into spray tanning lately but many times, I don’t get a chance to make it into the salon or I get home too late to have someone come over to spray me. I recently discovered the St. Tropez tanning system and OMG! This is the best self tanning product that has ever been produced. The color develops into the most beautiful olive tan – NEVER orange! It also smells lovely and after it develops, you don’t stink nearly as bad as you would with the traditional spray tans. Depending how you take care of the tan, it can last up to two weeks but you’ll have the convenience of reapplying since you can do it yourself with its fail-proof and streak-free mitt! On top of that, Kate Moss is the new spokesperson for the brand — That alone turns me on to the product! Try it and let me know what you guys think!