I’ve been really enjoying Summer and letting my hair air dry to it’s natural texture. To add to my Summer hair obsession, I found an amazing recipe on ELLE.com for DIY highlights! I’m sure we’ve all tried Sun-In and what does it do? — It makes our hair orange and dries it out!  Apparently, this recipe gives you the subtle and natural highlights you need while keeping your hair conditioned and moisturized!  Let’s all give it a shot and let me know how our results turn out!





– 3 large lemons

– 2 bags of chamomile tea

– 1 tsp of ground cinnamon

– 1 tbsp almond oil or coconut oil

– an empty spray bottle

1. Boil about 1 cup of water and add the tea bags. Set aside to steep for a few minutes.

2. Squeeeeeze those lemons. You should get about 1/3 cup of juice. Add to the spray bottle, straining out any errant seeds.

3. Measure out the cinnamon and almond oil and add to the spray bottle, along with the brewed tea (sans tea bags, of course). Seal the bottle shut, and shake it like a Polaroid picture.

4. Spray the areas of your hair you’d like to lighten. (We wanted our blonde tips a littttle bit blonder.)

5. Take this excuse to bask in the sunlight. The longer you hang outside, the lighter your strands will become. (Just please, please use sunscreen!)