Mascara Mishaps

If you are anything like me, applying mascara on the go is a nessesity. Here are some tips to avoid mascara mishaps:

Never apply mascara on your top lashes first, this will prevent those annoying dots you get on your eyelids and under your eyes.

Using a small zigzag motion when moving the wand up your lashes will give a uniform coat and break up and sticking lashes.

Always use and an eyelash curler before applying. There is a reason it goes hand-in-hand with mascara.

Do not pump the wand. Pumping pushes air into the bottle which will only dry out the mascara faster and furthermore cause clumping. If you notice your mascara getting thick you can add a drop or two of Visine and shake (not pump wand) the bottle.

Last but not least, always wipe off mascara at night with a moisturizing eye makeup remover pad.

Melissa Bolona Mascara


St. Barths

St. Barth’s is on the top of the things I love. A 4-hour flight from New York, French paradise sits right at your fingertips. The white sand beaches and crystal blue waters of the Caribbean is nothing short of your own taste of heaven! Looking to beat the heat? Lets put it this way girls, you can shop till you drop with some of your favorite stores right in town.  When I have had enough warm sand beaches and sexy scorching sunsets, “Li Ti” and “Nikki Beach” is my spot for some bubbly flutes and good company. Coldplay said it right, “She’d dream of Para-para-paradise”


See you later Frizz & Fluff

My number one favorite hair product right now is Marula Oil, Rare Oil Treatment. Be wary of dehydrating those gorgeous locks from salt water and chlorine all summer long. When I get out of the water, I apply just a few drops to my wet locks and twist these strands into a topknot! Frizzy frayed mess – No Longer! This product will leave your hair feeling soft and healthy all summer long.


Makeup Tip!

TIP: Treat your under-eye as a triangle, not a half moon. When applying concealer many girls just cover up the little dark half circles that sit directly under their eyes – Wrong! Remember, makeup is all about contouring and blending, an unnatural highlight is noticeable girls. Apply under eye makeup in the shape of a triangle using your nose as a guideline. This will accentuate those beautiful cheekbones, hide fatigue, and even out any other blemishes!