How to: Transition from Summer to Fall

The leaves are starting to change and the air is feeling crisp, welcome to my favorite season…FALL.


I love the fall; Halloween, football games, apple picking, Thanksgiving and everything in between. I’m lucky to be able to experience it when I am in New York or working around the country and because of that it is time to make a few slight changes in my wardrobe to bring my summer looks into the right season.


My daily looks are based on my go-to style motto of “comfort with a touch of sex appeal” and this new season is no different. Layering is KEY for the fall and a lifesaver when the temperature is so unpredictable. This year I’m really into bomber jackets and oversized sweaters that can be thrown over almost any look. The bomber jacket is a little more polished for meetings and such while an oversized sweater is perfect for a casual afternoon.



Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 8.39.05 AM                                                                                 Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 8.38.56 AM


My next pick is a skinny or silk scarf. I love a heavy scarf in the winter but for fall a light scarf is a great addition to your look. These scarves are great to wrap around your neck when you start to feel a chill or super chic to tie on the handle of your purse when you don’t need it for warmth.


Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 8.39.14 AM


My last, and probably favorite, fall transition piece is over-the-knee boots. I’ll be bringing my uniform of denim skirts + bodysuits into the fall and this style of boot is the perfect swap out for the sneakers I pair with it in the warmer months. Over-the-knee boots are sexy but also functional because they keep your legs warm when the weather drops.


Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 8.39.22 AM


I hope these tips have been helpful to you all as the weather changes, and don’t forget to click the photos for my personal picks for the season!