Getting in shape for 2017

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to stay beach body ready throughout the year. I believe in looking after yourself in that respect because it keeps you on a routine and clears your mind. As of lately, I have been mixing up my fitness regime. I don’t just stick to one type of workout, I like to vary from day to day. Throughout the week I incorporate cardio, strength training, and a lengthening element. It helps me achieve the results I want both physically and mentally. The types of workouts I do might be a barre type or pilates which is still strength work but it helps lengthen those muscles that you could potentially bulk up by doing a HIIT workout and focuses on tiny muscles that you wouldn’t otherwise pay attention to. For my cardio I am a big fan of hiking which is also an activity I share with my dogs. I like to get them out and active too so I try and hit the trails whenever possible. I also prefer a Barry’s Bootcamp or Burn 60 class (unique to LA) for the treadmill usage and weight training aspects as well as boxing which is all core and an intense amount of endurance.

Overall my mantra is; do what you enjoy! If it seems like a chore it will be harder to find the motivation to get yourself up and out of the house. Once you establish the routine of sweating once a day you will find yourself up for the challenge of trying a class or activity outside of your comfort zone.

Classes I enjoy on both coasts:

New York:

Bari: This class has everything you’d ever want. There are several different types of classes within the studio that you can choose from but all classes incorporate some form of cardio. I typically go for the Micro class because it is complete toning while still getting a bit of cardio in there. But you can also choose between trampoline cardio classes, and dance routines etc

Gotham: Great boxing gym with some great instructors, they also offer a HIIT/Barre class which is the perfect cardio/toning class.

New York Pilates: Self-explantory but they offer a multitude of classes that focus on different parts of the body (all on a reformer)

SLT: I like to call this pilates on steroids. The class is done on a megaformer which is a step up from a reformer where its highly resisted machines with a constant cardio element.

Xtend Barre: This is my favorite barre class ever! They do weighted lunges and squats as well as incorporate some cardio into the class. Its an extremely well-rounded class.

Los Angeles:

Ballet Bodies: The ultimate in sculpting classes. You focus on all those tiny muscles by using repetitive movements. A gem of a class!

Barry’s Bootcamp: This class is on both coasts. I go to this one when I want to really challenge myself. Every day they focus on a different body part and your breaks are spent interval running on the treadmill. This class is high on strength training using heavy weights.

Body by Simone: This class is fun and challenging.  Its dance cardio with intervals of toning in-between. She really emphasizes on achieving a dancer’s body.

Burn 60: This class is similar to barry’s bootcamp only for the strength portion they use kettlebells, bosu balls, and TRX. Its quite unique and extremely challenging. You receive no rests so your heart rate is always up.

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