LA Street Style

I’ve always been a big fan of dressing for comfort with a slight sexy edge to it (and if you’ve read my blogs before you’d know how much I stress comfort as a priority.) Which is why I love the dress code in LA. All you really need are a good pair of jeans (black and/or denim) ripped or pristine. A good flannel or maybe even a Canadian Tuxedo (denim shirt- because why not) could also go a long way. The combinations are endless. This look can take you from day into night with a heeled bootie or what i call my “magic shoes”. I’ve been very into glittered or patterned heeled booties lately, with a simple outfit on they are the star of the show.

In LA its all about sex appeal in the way of not trying too hard. I always go with the less is more approach, and I don’t mean less clothing. Less is more meaning simple but tasteful, with a pop of color or pattern whether it be the bag, a scarf, or the shoes. So when you are planning your next trip to LA and don’t know what to bring, i hope this gives you some direction!


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