Scene from In Stereo starring Melissa Boloña

Short clip from In Stereo with Melissa Boloña as Jen & Kieran Campion as Chris.

Melissa Boloña in the feaure film In Stereo

Melissa Boloña stars in her first leading role in this dramatic romantic comedy, \"In Stereo.\"While working alongside Micah Hauptman, who plays David, and the director of the film, Mel Rodriguez, she was able to channel her character\'s inner emotions and struggles. In the film she plays Jennifer, an emotional young woman that finds herself torn between relationships with two best friends.

Focus Magazine Interview - Melissa Boloña

Actress and model, Melissa Boloña, talks to Focus Magazine about women empowerment, her emerging acting career, and her passion for giving back through her philanthropic efforts. Watch the full interview here: